About Us

Chocolates are loved by everyone, which makes them the ideal gift for every occasion, be it for a birthday, anniversary, valentine's day, festivals or any other special occasion. And if it's a handmade chocolate gift, it will add an extra sweetness to any occasion. They would make the special events even more special. The efforts would be more appreciated for gifting these homemade chocolates to your loved ones as compared to the regular ones.

Based in Gurgaon, India, ‘La Chocolat’ is a young company with expertise in the making of fine quality handmade chocolates. We firmly believe in delivering excellent quality home- made chocolates to all our customers, each piece carefully crafted and prepared with you in mind.

Our handmade chocolates are always fresh and made to order. Unlike some other chocolate shops, we do not mass produce our chocolates or store them overnight. All our orders are prepared fresh on the day you require. This guarantees each piece of homemade chocolate is fresh and delicious.

As purely homemade, our chocolates are prepared using the finest ingredients to give you the luxury of taste. We are very particular about chocolates being safe and healthy thus refrain from using any harmful ingredients, preservatives or artificial colors. The finest quality, flavor, and freshness of the product is our top priority that makes our regular shopper chocolate- lovers happy.